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At a dig site in Mexico City, magazine journalist Seneca Hunt is reporting on the opening of Montezuma’s tomb when it’s discovered that the remains of the Aztec emperor are missing. Before she can investigate further, what appears to be a terrorist attack kills the dig team. Seneca barely escapes the carnage not knowing that a passing glimpse of an out-of-place object in the tomb may have sealed her fate.

She soon learns that someone is stealing the burial remains of the most infamous mass murderers in history. Seeing a story in the making, her research uncovers a plot to slaughter millions in the name of an ancient cult. Seneca teams up with a bestselling novelist to prove the threat really exists while staying one step ahead of those who want her dead. As time is running out, she must follow a 2000-year-old trail leading back to the death of Jesus Christ.

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"Fast-paced, exciting story . . . that grips the audience." -- The Mystery Gazette

"Once again, Lynn Sholes & Joe Moore have produced a novel that is as revelatory as it is packed with action and suspense.  The Phoenix Apostles takes their talent to new heights in a story that will leave readers breathless and wanting more. Bold, taut, and masterfully told, here is a book that demands to be read in one sitting." -- James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of THE DOOMSDAY KEY

"A fascinating, compelling page-turner. Lynn Sholes & Joe Moore hit all the right notes with The Phoenix Apostles!" -- Carla Neggers, New York Times bestselling author of COLD DAWN

"Lynn Sholes & Joe Moore have created a knockout apocalyptic thriller with The Phoenix Apostles. An epic tale of gold, archaeology, mass murder, ancient prophecy and terrorism, it propels the reader at light speed from its opening chapters to its stunning climax. An outstanding read!" -- Douglas Preston, New York Times bestselling author of IMPACT and THE MONSTER OF FLORENCE

"An ingenious thriller with an audacious plot. Awesome; a reminder why fiction is fun." -- Library Journal

"What do you get when you cross Indiana Jones with THE DA VINCI CODE?  The Phoenix Apostles, a rollicking thrill ride with so many twists and turns that you won't have time to catch your breath!" -- Tess Gerritsen, New York Times bestselling author of ICE COLD

"Sholes and Moore have been writing stellar thrillers that use religious themes for some time, and their fifth effort, the first to feature archaeologist Seneca Hunt, is their best yet. Hunt and her fiancé are on a dig near Mexico City when explosions rock the site. Hunt is the only survivor. Still grieving, she teams up with a journalist who has evidence that the explosion was meant to cover up a robbery. All over the world, tombs are being invaded and bodies stolen, while valuable jewels and gold are left behind. Who are the thieves, and do all the missing bodies belong to infamous mass murderers throughout history? The breakneck pace and sharp characterizations immerse the reader into a surprising and frightening story that posits what the future might look like if science is allowed to run amok. Fans of historical thrillers and mysteries with a religious tint will devour this one while eagerly awaiting the next Seneca Hunt adventure." -- Booklist



From a newly unearthed crusader's tomb in Iraq to the guarded treasure vaults of the Vatican to a secret genetics lab on the banks of the Mississippi, THE GRAIL CONSPIRACY uncovers a sinister plot of ultimate revenge.

A small wooden box hidden for centuries is passed on to network correspondent Cotten Stone by a dying archaeologist. With his final breath, spoken in a language Cotten has not heard since childhood, he declares that she is "the only one who can stop the sun . . . the dawn." Unable to open the box, Cotten seeks the help of John Tyler,              a noted biblical historian and Catholic priest on leave of absence from his duties but not his vows. Inside the box, they discover a cup wrapped in a cloth bearing the insignia of a powerful medieval order that professed to be the Guardians of the Grail.

Cotten is propelled into the headlines as she and John deliver the Cup to the Vatican for authentication, and she reports the story of its journey from Calvary to cable TV. But her life quickly becomes caught up in a global plot driven by an ancient sect devoted to bringing about the Second Coming. As those around her fall victim to the Grail Conspiracy, Cotten soon learns her true legacy and must question if she is stopping an abomination or is she working on the side of Evil. In the final conflict she learns why she is the only one who can stop the ultimate revenge against God by the Prince of Darkness.


ForeWord Magazine Book-Of-The-Year
Independent Publisher IPPY Award Nominee

"Cotten Stone is a heroine for the ages." ~ Douglas Preston,              New York Times bestselling co-author of RELIC

"Action-packed, twenty-first century Indiana Jones." ~ Harriet Klausner, ReviewCentre

"A thriller sure to strike fear in the hearts of ethicists, scientists and Christians alike. The Da Vinci Code meets Jurassic Park." ~ ForeWord Reviews

"If you love books by Steve Berry and Dan Brown, you will love this one, too. The search for the Holy Grail is an exciting adventure and definitely worth reading." ~

"In this time of Dan Brown, here are fresh voices. The Grail Conspiracy is everything a mystery should be." ~ Stuart Hecht, The Book Vault

"Gripping!" ~ Mystery Scene Magazine

"Spellbinding!" ~ BookSense

". . . keep the reader on a fast paced journey that is intriguing and well written." ~ Templar History Reviews

"An absorbing, exciting and often thought-provoking thriller."
The Oakland Press

"The Grail Conspiracy rivals The Da Vinci Code" ~ South Florida Today, NBC 6, Miami

". . . the authors create an almost breakneck pace that keeps the reader turning pages waiting to see the greatest battle in history rejoined." ~ Denver Post

". . . this page-turner is bound to show up on Da Vinci Code read-alike lists at public libraries across the country. An essential purchase for mystery, suspense, and visionary fiction collections." ~ Library Journal (starred review)

"Fun, unforgettable and undeniably spectacular, The Grail Conspiracy is a must read." ~ In The Library Reviews

"Fascinating. This mystery is a real find." ~

"Suspense, drama and the classic confrontation between good and evil are all part of the mix. I couldn't put it down."

"Cotten Stone proves herself to be a heroine for the new millennium." ~ James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of BLACK ORDER



A mysterious crystal tablet is unearthed among the ruins of an ancient civilization in the cloud-shrouded Peruvian Andes.  Inscribed upon its surface are cryptic glyphs revealing a secret that could affect everyone on Earth.  But before it can be translated, it is destroyed by the forces of Evil.  Another tablet is found in crumbling Anasazi ruins beneath the towering mesas of New Mexico.  It, too, disappears before the secret can be revealed.  Of the twelve original crystal tablets given by God to the spiritual leaders of the ancient world, only one remains.

The single clue to its location: "To enter the Kingdom of God, you must thread the needle."

Only one person can solve the clue to the tablet's whereabouts and decipher its message to the world--Cotten Stone.

After the Grail Conspiracy, famed journalist Cotten Stone is at the top of her craft until one of her discoveries is proven to be an elaborate hoax.  Disgraced and outcast, the struggling reporter finds herself in the midst of an ancient mystery that holds the key to surviving Armageddon.  Racing to recover the last secret before the Fallen Ones do, Cotten comes face to face with her terrifying destiny--a legacy to battle the Son of the Dawn until the End of Days.

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"Cotten Stone is a heroine for the ages." ~ Douglas PrestonNew York Times bestselling co-author of RELIC

"Sholes & Moore have the magical ability to keep you on the edge of your seat.  From the first page to the last, you won't be able to put it down."

"Skillfully crafted page-turner." ~ Debra Hamel,

"A blend of international thriller and religious fiction, it's an attention-grabber that kept me up at night feverishly turning pages because I just had to know what would happen next. (The Last Secret is) One for those who want a really good "Da Vinci Code"-esque read." ~ Lelia Taylor,Creatures 'n Crooks Bookshoppe

"Superb thriller. Sholes & Moore write some of the best apocalyptical thrillers on the market today." ~ Harriet Klausner, ReviewCentre

"Demonic possession, strange suicides, and Biblical prophecy collide in The Last Secret, an intelligent religious thriller with bite.  Once again, Cotten Stone proves herself to be a heroine for the new millennium. A female Indiana Jones with a press pass!  Insightful, engrossing…but more importantly, a suspenseful thriller from first page to last!" ~ James RollinsNew York Times bestselling author of BLACK ORDER

"Fascinating and breathless, The Last Secret will leave you glued to your chair. The story sweeps across centuries in a quest for the secret key to surviving Armageddon. Sholes & Moore are true story-tellers with unerring eyes and the souls of artists.  You'll love this one!"
Gayle LyndsNew York Times bestselling author of THE LAST SPYMASTER

"The Last Secret grabs you and won't let go. This is a page-turner with an awesomely creative premise and a surprise around every corner."
Lewis PerdueNew York Times bestselling author of DAUGHTER OF GOD

"Engaging. Sholes & Moore are experienced authors whose expertise is evident. The Last Secret is entertaining and recommended." ~ BookPleasures



It was forged by the seventh generation grandson of Adam, used to pierce the side of Christ at the Crucifixion, and possessed by some of history’s most powerful men—Constantine, Attila the Hun, Charlemagne, Adolf Hitler, Harry Truman. Now the ancient relic is about to be used again. This time by the Forces of Evil to bring mankind to its knees.

From a secret tunnel beneath the Kremlin, to the Secret Archives of the Vatican, to the guarded treasury vault of the Ethiopian church housing the Ark of the Covenant, Cotten Stone, the daughter of an angel, races to find the Holy Lance before it falls into the hands of her mortal enemy, the Son of the Dawn. For the relic itself is made from the rarest element on earth, a material needed to power the Hades Project. Time is running out as Cotten confronts the man who now holds in his hand the destiny of the world, a man who died over 85 years ago.

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"The Hades Project is an exceptional novel, a dark labyrinth of suspense, international intrigue and apocalyptic horror. The characters, the pacing and the amazing premise of this series are all first-rate. Cotten Stone is a heroine for the ages. Sholes & Moore are very talented writers indeed."
Douglas PrestonNew York Times bestselling co-author of RELIC

"Short chapters and a pulsating storyline make this a quick read, and those looking for well-drawn characters will be pleased as well. Fans of religious-themed thrillers like The Da Vinci Code will enjoy. Recommended for all public libraries." ~ Library Journal

"A compelling thriller!" ~ Harriet Klausner The Mystery Gazette

"Smoothly-written, nicely paced page-turner." ~ Book-Blog

". . . the tension builds as Stone and her mortal and otherworldly allies race to avert catastrophe." ~ Publishers Weekly

"The Hades Project is a briskly-paced read combining Christian fantasy with mystery. Fans ofThe Da Vinci Code should find The Hades Project a satisfying read. ~ Mystery Scene Magazine



It devastated the earth thousands of years ago. Its remnants are scattered across the human genome waiting to be reassembled into a deadly viral killer. Now a new generation of suicide bombers will use the virus to kill with something as innocent as a cough. Everyone is a target. No one can survive. Only one person can stop the heinous plot and its mastermind.

From the Amazon rainforest to the remote hills of West Virginia, to a secret passage beneath a medieval castle, to the darkest place on earth—North Korea—Cotten Stone must prevent the greatest threat to mankind since the Black Plague. In doing so, she uncovers Unit 731, the long-buried atrocity of WWII, exposes one of the most disturbing secrets in America’s history, and pays the ultimate price—selling her soul to the Forces of Darkness.

Time is running out as the Legacy of Unit 731 threatens all mankind.

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Praise for THE 731 LEGACY

"Sholes & Moore are the new Preston & Child. From the very first chapter, The 731 Legacy wraps a rope around your neck, pulls it tight, and never lets go! This is what masterful storytelling is all about!" ~ Brad Thor, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Last Patriot

"What an outrageous and terrifying read. I can't get enough of Cotten Stone!" ~ Lincoln ChildNew York Times bestselling author of Deep Storm

"A superb blend of science, myth, history, and imagination. Strap yourself to the chair and get ready for a heart-thumping ride. Lynn Sholes & Joe Moore are clearly ahead of the pack, able to satisfy even the most finicky of reader. The 731 Legacy is a labyrinth of mystery, crisply plotted and paced, with throat-grabbing twists." ~ Steve BerryNew York Times bestselling author of The Templar Legacy

"Another entertaining, enthralling and creative Cotten Stone thriller."
~ Harriet Klausner, ReviewCentre

The 731 Legacy "has a bit of everything found in popular thrillers: destruction of civilization, ancient religious lore, modern science, and non-stop action. It could be entitled Angels and Demons, and is far superior to the book that bears that title." ~ Mystery Scene Magazine